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Haldex Gen5 Pump learning

The control unit learns how much power is required to run the pump until the pressure hits a certain threshold, it does this by monitoring how much current is consumed by the pump, when the pump is blocked, or faulty, the control unit learns/adapts some very low values which means when the Haldex controller tried to engage the pump, it does not supply enough power to make it engage. By carrying out the learn function when fitting a new pump, it will learn the correct power values and thus engage the system correctly.

To do the pump learning you need a original VCDS.
The engine must be running idle when doing the pump learning!

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Open 22-AWD module

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Choose Pump motor from the drop down menu

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Select Basic Settings

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Press the Go! button to start the pump learning process.

Wait 1 minute for the calibration to complete, you will hear the pump running during the process.