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Haldex Controller Overview

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Haldex Controller


The Haldex Controller can be used for all 4 Motion vehicles, original or Standalone.
All connections are Plug and Play except for the standalone functions.
The controller works completely standalone so it does not need the App to function.
When the controller is powered up it starts running the program that was last used.
All settings made in the App are saved to the internal memory of the controller.
The App is used to display the status and change mode and settings.

The Controller can use the input signals from the CAN-BUS or Analog signals
Brake           CAN-BUS and Analog 12 volt signal
Speed          CAN-BUS and Analog VSS signal
Throttle        CAN-BUS and Analog 5 volt signal
Boost           CAN-BUS and Analog 5 volt signal
Handbrake   Analog Ground signal
RPM             from CAN-BUS only

The Controller has a RPM output for converting CAN-BUS RPM to Analog.


Hako1241 vi

Currently available for VAG:

Gen 1 1998 and up
Gen 2 2001 and up 02D 0AV
Gen 4 2007 and up 0BR 0BS 0BY

Working on supporting other is in progress.
VAG and Volvo

Gen 3 2006
Gen 5 2012

Dutchbuild Haldex controller gen1Dutchbuild Haldex controller gen4



Controller Modes:
OFF mode
The Haldex unit is completely off including the pre charge pump.
The car will drive like any normal 2WD car.

Locked mode
The Haldex power is set by a fixed value that the user sets with the App
Can be adjusted in steps of 10%
100 / 0
90 / 0
80 / 0
100 / 0 is 0% to the haldex unit but the pre charge pump is still active

Throttle mode
The Haldex power is set by the configured value at a certain throttle position.
Throttle position in steps of 10%
0 – 10% 50 / 50
10 – 20% 60 / 40
20 – 30% 50 / 40

Speed mode
The Haldex power is set by the configured value at a certain velocity.
Speed in steps of 20 km/h
0 – 20 km/h 50 / 50
20 – 40 km/h 60 / 40
40 – 60 km/h 50 / 40

Boost mode
In development

Passthru mode
All signals from the car are passed thru to the Haldex so it will function like original.
The display will shows the current Haldex power.

Brake Signal
When the brake signal is applied, the Haldex will be set to 100/0 so no torque is applied to the rear wheels.

Handbrake Signal
When the handbrake signal is applied the Haldex will be disabled including the pre charge pump.
Burnouts are possible since the Haldex is completely turned off.


Dutchbuild Haldex controller AppScreenshot 20160329 155249Screenshot 20160329 155238Screenshot 20160329 155355



Manual switch

its possible to install a rotary switch and program each position to a specific mode.

20161006 175250


The wiring is supplied with the controller.
One loom goes from the controller to the Haldex unit
One loom depends on the car. This one goes from the Controller to the car.
For original 4Motion cars connect to the connector.
For standalone run the wires to the front of the car and connect them according to the schematics

Haldex connector:
Power 12v
Brake signal
Handbrake signal
CAN-BUS signals

Car Connector Standalone and original:
Power 12v
Brake signal
CAN-BUS signals

Extra for Standalone:
Speed VSS
Throttle position 5v
Boost pressure 5v
Output 1 (can be used for RPM output for tacho)
Output 2 (Not used)


Dutchbuild Haldex controller connectorsDutchbuild Haldex controller haldex wiringloom

Dutchbuild Haldex controller wiring standaloneDutchbuild Haldex controller wiringloom standalone


Haldex Oil temperature
The oil temperature display only works on the latest Gen 1 models and on all Gen 2 and above
All the original oil temperature functions of the Haldex unit are always working if the oil gets to hot the Haldex unit will shut down 4x4.

Haldex Controller software.
The software will be updated with improvements, bug fixes and new features.
Any input and suggestions are welcome, please use our website to submit.
On the settings tab in the App you can see the Firmware version of the Haldex Controller.
The firmware in the controller can be updated thru the USB port.
Updates are available on our website.
The App will be updated thru the Google Play store


Dutchbuild Haldex controller

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