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Haldex Controller Installation

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Haldex controller for original 4Motion cars can be installer plug and play.

The inline wiring set is needed.
Remove connector from the Haldex unit and connect this side to the wiring loom with grey connector.
Connect the loom with black connector to the Haldex unit.

To run the Haldex Controller standalone you need the standalone wiring set.
Use table bellow to connect the wires from the grey wiring loom.

Connect both grey and black to the Haldex Controller and turn on the ignition.

Install the App thru the Google Play store search for Haldex Controller or go to:


On first start of the App it will search for Bluetooth devices.
Select the Haldex Controller this device will be saved and used on the next startup.
Connect with pincode 1234.


Grey - Car Connector Standalone and original:

1 Black/Violet 12v ignition 10A Fuse
2 Brown Ground  
3 Black/Red Brake                  12v brake lights
4 Grey                   K-Line Only for Gen 1
5 - Output 1 (Not used)
6 Orange/Brown CAN-BUS Low To car
7 Orange/Black CAN-BUS High To car
  Extra for Standalone:    
8 White Output 2 Can be used for RPM output for tacho
9 Brown/White Handbrake                     Ground signal
10 Blue/White Speed VSS 12v VSS Speed signal
11 Green Throttle position 5v Input
12 Yellow Boost pressure 5v Input


Black - Haldex connector:

1 Black/Violet Power 12v ignition  
2 Brown Ground  
3 Black/Red Brake signal  
4 Grey      K-Line Only for Gen 1
5 -   (Not used)
6 Orange/Brown CAN-BUS Low  
7 Orange/Black CAN-BUS High  
8 Brown/White Sensor Ground Manual Switch Gnd (Option)
9 Brown/White Handbrake Ground signal (Only for Gen 1)
10 - Input 1 (Not used)
11 Grey/Red 5v Supply Manual Switch 5v (Option)
12 White Manual Switch Manual Switch Signal (Option)

Small 3 pin connector – Manual Switch

1 Orange Manual Switch Manual Switch Signal
2 Red 5v Supply Manual Switch 5v
3 Brown Sensor Ground Manual Switch Ground


CANBUS Communication

Jumper JP1 CAN-BUS Line termination can be changes inside the controller.

Left jumper for car side
Car with can-bus system already have termination so the jumper must be open.
For cars with only the ECU the jumper must be closed

Right jumper for Haldex side
Needs to be closed

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